When it rains, look for rainbow and when it is dark, look for stars.



Daily Prompt


Something was not right

He felt about ignored .

He never looked twice,

For him everything is sweet and nice.

He was sure of his moves,

And places where things were kept.

He organises everything,

His house is very neat and clean.

But one day the sun rised from west,

When he forgot where is his vest.

But soon the mischief was out

The little girl was on doubt

She relocated the vest,

Far away from clothes.

To tell it a story

Which was never heard before .

Lunatic Mess( poetic description)

Lunatic Mess( poetic description)

From few days I have been attending creative writing classes in my college, only because it is in syllabus. At first it seemed boring but after 2-3 days I started to develop interest in it. During one of theses class we were told to describe our self in poetic manner. So I did as told and though I should share it with you all.

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