Diwali 2016 

So , yesterday was diwali -one of the main festivals which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Everyone says Diwali brings happiness , wealth and prosperity in our life , may be it is true may be it is not. But who cares about it every one wants to enjoy this festival . The celebration of Diwali is rooted in the Indian mythology. Being an indian I love indian mythology and mythology of any other religion because I love history . 

This post contains some pics  to illustrate how I celebrated my diwali.Diwali brings the holidays of 5 days. In this article Im going to illustrate first 3 days of Diwali.

1st day is called Dhanteras.

On dhanteras we buy things made up of metal . For e.g silver,gold,iron, aluminum etc 

On Dhanteras I buyed 1 steel lunchbox , 1 steam press and 1 hair dryer.

Buying metal on dhanteras is considered “shubh” in the first day of festival.

2nd day is called choti diwali 

On this day I just lit some diyas and place them in the every corner of my house.

My choti diwali makeup

My choti diwali hairstyle

Diwali pooja setup

3rd day is called badi diwali or Diwali

Early morning I did puja of hanuman ji because it is said to be that day in which hanuman ji is born .

In the after noon I made a cute rangoli.


In the evening we did pooja and aarti of laxmi and ganesh ji.After the pooja we lit diyas.

Diwali makeup : fushion of pink and black eyeliner with pink lips
Diwali outfit : baby pink top and monkey wash blue denim

Hope you guys enjoyed this post 

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