Is it too hard  to love some one!!

Or it is so easy to fall out of love!!

I have so many questions about love

But there is no one who have the answers of above.
Finding a perfect man is so difficult

The guy you like doesn’t have those qualities you want 

Sometimes he is rude , sometimes mad & sometimes worst

Does this mean I have to leave him ?but why? don’t I love him?
I m finding the answers of my above questions 

Which are always left unanswered

Why did this happen?

Am I only one who suffers like this?or there are many?
Who will answer my questions?

Who will give rest to my restlessness?

I m still in search of that guy who fits into my criteria

Am I doing it in right way ?
Again these questions 

They have caused upheaval in my life 

I hope one day my all questions will be answered

Which will give rest to my restless life


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