Must haves in every girl’s wardrobe (part 2)


As I have mentioned in my previous blog post that there is endless list of must haves for every girl. I only told you about 9 must haves of clothing previously and now I am going to another 9 clothing items that every girl should posses.

If you haven’t read my previous post , click on the link below

Must haves in every girl wardrobe

So, here goes another list.

1.Denim jacket

6tzhfj-l.jpg (600×900)

Every girl should have it. It gives a look of playfulness in your entire outfit. It is very good for a day out or wear it during the fest you will stand out from others. (wink)

2. Leather jacket 

1555f144d77be536d6d765a3508e46b9.jpg (570×690)

Leather jacket gives you a bold girl look.Pair it with your favorite jeans and let the bold avatar of yours out.You can also do twining with boyfriend when you both wear leather jackets.You can wear whatever color of denim jacket you like.


e16b4e54baf2604459c7b2ca972accaa.jpg (260×345)

Vest gives a formal look to your entire outfit. It is great to wear in your office , in meetings. If it is denim vest it will add a look of playfulness. So go to market now and grab your  favorite  vests.

4. Black Blazer

_9553834.jpg (1100×1687)

Black blazer is must have for every girl. It gives you entirely a formal look and ready to go in a meeting look. It is good for office, Pair it with pants or pencil skirt to give a formal look.

5. Trousers

30021A57.jpg (1400×1400)

Every formal look is incomplete  without trousers. You can wear it in offices or basically anywhere you want. You will never fail to slay girl.


7th-Avenue-Pant-Crop-Straight-Leg-Modern-Black_06190255_006.jpg (419×558)


pants is a basic clothing of a girl . If you don’t want wear your skinny jeans then wear your comfy yet stylish pants. Be it in solid colors or in prints it never let you down.

7. palazzo pants

100014591_224_1000x728.jpg (1000×728)

pair these palazzo pants with anything. Be it a kurti or shirt or crop top or any other thing. Palazzo pants can be paired with anything. There a various designs available in the market like in solid colors , printed one or one with pretty laces etc.

8.Pencil Skirt

image1xl.jpg (290×370)

Pencil skirts only only enhance your body curves but also give a stylish look. It not only m makes you look smart but also gives a formal look. Pair it with a formal shirt or a crop top it will with both of them.

9.cold shoulder top

the-1-trend-that-looks-good-on-all-ages-1599955-1450311217.640x0c.jpg (640×727)

cold shoulder covers your torso but also show some shoulders. These are good for those  who don’t like their skin showing very much. Every one can wear it. There are variety of styles available .


so that’s all for today.I hope you will like my post. As i have said earlier there are many more clothing items which are left to cover. But don’t you very i will every day post the list till i cover all the items. I will also made list about accessories and footwear for women very soon. So follow my blog for more posts like this.




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