Must haves in every girl’s wardrobe (part 3)


i know you all was waiting for my another list of must haves for girls. As i have said earlier according to me this list  is never ending and i have divided this list into a no. parts. This is part 3.

If you haven’t read my previous post about must haves click on the link down below

Must haves in every girl wardrobe

Must haves in every girl’s wardrobe (part 2)

So now move on to the list


11451385768240-Texco-Grey-Shrug-9361451385767770-1_mini.jpg (180×240)

whether it is long or short every girl should own it.

2. patiala 

Libaas-Women-Teal-Patiala-Pants_bcfb070ec391a0ba694e50d47f6e865a_images_mini.jpg (180×240)

it gives a little Indian look to your attire.

3. dhoti pants

81E04QgHJUL._UY445_.jpg (297×445)

these are super cool, stylish and comfy.

4. sundress

f53035ba913173d7986b1920290bcebd.jpg (300×425)

5. formal dress

8269-formal-dress-for-women.jpg (350×537)

for formal occasions


c213f8a46b92444635accaf28e662039.jpg (600×831)

7. lace dress

1847d1cdad0089a0a3cf99927755b9bc.jpg (600×900)

it is for someone who just love laces and details. shoulder dress

img-thing (300×300)

to flaunt your collar bones.

9. cold shoulder dress

de42b82594b1f12d469ef63283d3eaf5.jpg (736×1104)

10. one shoulder

One Shoulder Long Sleeves Black Chiffon Cocktail Dress.jpg (467×700)

11. kurtis 

new-white-cotton-stylish-kurti-3386-240x330.jpg (240×330)

12. off shoulder top

azz28116_white_xl (173×259)

that’s it my list of  must haves is complete . If you like my list comment in the comment section  below . i will appreciate new ideas. I will also create list of foo wear accessories for girls to so stay tuned.

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