Random Thoughts

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Don’t you ever think of being completely alone in tree house.Just close to the mother Earth and without  technology.I always wish that this could ever happen. But life seems unfair. I really don’t want dozen of friends but I really need that one to whom I can Share my deepest feelings.I have friends but to none i can share those feelings.I actually crave for only that friend. There are some thoughts, some feelings which i want to share but eventually can’t. I even don’t know why i am making this post. May be just to share those random thoughts which always pop in my mind.I am going to name these series as ” In my world.Do tell me in comments what you think about it.These post will give you an insight of my mind or you can say mental processes. WordPress has provided me a platform where I can create blog posts freely.For me writing and creating something new helps me express my thoughts and feelings.

thank you 


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