stereotypes.jpg (332×152)

I was hiding

he was finding

i was behind the tree

he was looking for me

I wish he would not find me

but from behind he surprised me

His waiting was over

but mine has started

moving to and fro

just like and pendulum

he was there with me

but i want some one other

and then i faced a dilemma

i have to choose between both of them

this decision is tough

please help me all mighty

i don’t want to disappoint any one

but a realization hit me soon

its time to become  bold

its time to unfold

the choices i have

is  career and society

i want to break this stereo type

it is a taboo am i right?

i am girl fighting for her identity

which no one wanna give in near vicinity

the only way to gain freedom

is to start a new career

being in dilemma for an year & half

i chose for my dream

by breaking all the stereo types.


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