I am just 18 years old and i want to become a successful person.In the race of getting good grades in high school I totally forgot about living those small moments which brings much happiness than the achievements i have.

And now i have realized but i cannot enjoy them due to pressure from parents, from teachers and most from the society.Every individual in society wants girls to behave in a certain way, According to society norms. But what are these norms. It’s definition says Norms are the unwritten rules of the society which made by the society.

Today , I want to pursue an unconventional career of fashion photography. although my parents have agreed but I always think about what people of society will about me , my career, my needs and mostly on my clothes.

But now I don’t give a damn what other people think about me . If you start getting bothered about the thoughts of the society people you will never successful in life.

In the end I want to say “Be Bold Be You.



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  1. Amanda says:

    Yes! THIS. I agree with you. We should always go with what our heart tells us, where our passion lies. What’s the meaning of life without a goal like this? All the better that it is a unique and uncommon career. It’s YOU! 😊


    1. Thanks Amanda for support.❤😇

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