what is learning?

ok, a tough one to answer. Why we learn? From where we learn? and what we learn? and when we learn?

I will today just answer one question “when we learn?”

We learn throughout our life.

From birth till death.It is a part of development.When I was a child my family taught me several things.and know I teach my family how to use internet, phones, laptops etc..

We learn from every aspect of our life whether, from nature, or from, adults, movies or children, the list is endless.

The point of making this post is to make realise all out there that it is ok to learn. Age doesn’t matter nor thus the time period. In fact, there is no time to learn you can learn anytime in your life.

there is no shame in learning anything. we don’t know many things and we can’t know everything.

What i want to say is learn. You should be willing to learn anytime. Sit with a 2-year-old child and play with him you will learn how to be carefree.

An adolescent will teach you how to be energetic.

I have just covered a little aspect of learning.

I am just 18 years old and I have to learn not only academically but in many other ways also.

I Still search on google how to manage your time and all that stuff and don’t have any shame nor you should have.

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