I was very confused about what career I should pursue after High school.In high school I chose Arts as my stream. I that stream I studied, English,Economics,Home science,Political Science,Psychology and Fashion Studies.

Each subject was equally Important.But the only thing which confused me is what I want to become in my life.When i was child i want to become a singer then a dancer or an artist.

In my teen years i thought of becoming an psychologist,A politician or a fashion designer.I am creative this is what everyone said to me.So i decided to become a fashion designer.I did research every day about a career as a designer.But i didn’t liked it ,I don’t know why,but i didn’t.

One day i shoot video of my father’s friend’s wedding.

when video was watched my video every one appreciated it.Every one said it looked like a professional has shoot the video.

then I realized that’s it, my life is solved. And now i Have decided to become a fashion photographer in which i am good.

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