What is life?Who created it?And why?

I don’t know the answers of these Questions.The only thing I know is,”Life is an opportunity given to us by god to unfold our inner potential and live it to the fullest”.

From the we are born, we are exposed to many things.It is our choice whether to perceive it negative or positive.As we Grow, we are taught many things and one day we are allowed to choose a career which can unfold our inner potential.

Until that day we have to search or find our inner potential, that particular thing in which you are excellent,where your aptitude lies.Do not depend on anyone not even on God.Our life is our journey,Our present actions will decide our future.

Do what you want.Live your Life to the fullest.Don’t let others’ negative remarks to become obstacle in your life.

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  1. joyshimmers says:

    Very well written!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for appreciation


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