Why we always want things to same as they were before.We know it very well it is not possible.Just think you have met a stranger and after some time you will become his/her friend.But due to some circumstances, he has to change himself according to the need of the hour.And we will say I you have changed you were better before I miss old you.

have you every thought why this happened?you want the older version of him which was fragile, which has no self-esteem or whatever were his weaknesses. You liked his weaknesses but now he is strong and has overcome his all weaknesses . is it now right to demand him his older version.

Just put yourself in his shoes do you think it is right?

last year you were his friend and you both talked nonstop.But now you don’t talk too much to each other.Do you know what it happens and I know it hurts.But if you want that old relationship back and you try to get it but you will never get it back.You will make your current relation with that person worse.Do you want that?

Just think, If he has changed, he has become better than before then you have also changed over a period of time didn’t you get better than before.You know what answer is, you know how much better you are as compared to the older you.

Then why we want that person not to be changed?Do you want to live in your past forever?The older version of him or you is in the past and let it be.It is good for both of you.

If you have lost your best friend or any other important figure in your life then it has to happen because god has decided it.maybe it is good only for you to lose them.You don’t have to change that.

Change is the rule of nature and we can’t change that.All we can do is that we can accept what has happened until today and what will happen in near future. We have to accept and move on in our life happily.

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