Ice and pimple

By reading the title you might think what is the connection between these to things. If so, then let me tell you about their relationship.

So here we go….

Like many other people, i also get acne/pimples.And like everybody, I hate them too.For me, they have a special occasion to break out.That special occasion is 2-3 days before an important event.And that makes me hate them more.

I do regularly use a pimple clearing face wash but, its effect is slow.I really needed an immediate solution to this problem and luckily I have found it. Before writing my tip, I want to request please do not pop your pimple, it will worsen the situation and leaves a scar like a cherry on top of cake.

Now moving further…

All you need is some ice cubes and toothpaste.It may sound odd, but trust me this do wonder on your skin.It is an overnight process, nights for results use this in the night only before going to bed.

step one: wash your face with your face wash or simply with soap.

step two: Massasge ice cube on the pimple or a pimple prone area.Do not do it continuously.Massage your face 10 times for 1-2 mins in 1 min intervals.Then pat dry your face.

Step three: Apply some toothpaste on pimples. You can leave it for 10-15 mins and then wash your face or you can leave it overnight.

When you will wake in the morning, your pimple either will be vanished or will be reduced in its size.To get rid away with your pimples completely, repeat it a couple a few times.

precautions: long contact if ice with your skin can lead to redness in that area.



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