Body Image


looking into the mirror,

she sighed again.

wishing for that body,

but all efforts in vain.

always looked in the magazines,

celebrities having perfect body.

and then cursed herself,

for not being the same.

always tried to hide,

those cellulite lines.

big hand bags,

in which her muffin top hides.

but sooner or later,

she has realized.

doing comparisons,

will deteriote her plight.

she is now accepting,

shutting body shaming.

her negative thoughts,

only lead to negative body image.

she now thinks positive,

and now have a positive body image,

PS-I got inspiration for this poem from tata cliq’s blog post named how to build your body confidence. After reading this article i realzide that there is a serious problem of negative body image among women. all  i want to say is “love the way you are you are unique in your own way “

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