My Therapy!!

Isn’t it funny?

how complex we are as human beings.

many people say,

I overthink and overreact.

How easy it is,

to say something like that.

without knowing the

reason behind that.

how can I tell people?

that, I have anxiety?

                                                         the fear of being mocked

is what resides in me.

some people say,

I am just joking.

some people say,

there is nothing like that.

psychological problems in India,

are still a taboo.

which makes difficult for us,

to seek appropriate help.

The questions my parents asks,

“what will the society say?”

“What about our reputation?”

always kills me from inside.

they don’t take these,

as normal health problems.

so many questions, so many answers,

but till when?

but till when?

we will try to fit in society?

why we always want acceptance?

why can’t I seek my therapy?

just because what other people say,

it should never be greater than

your child’s health.

then don’t say why suicides are committed.


just a TABOO!! it is.

it’s a plea to the educated people,

please do not resist.

it is a plea,

a plea for freedom,

freedom from acceptance,

freedom from taboo.


listen to me .

and let me have,

my much needed therapy.

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