Power of Love <3


Everyone is bounded in the spell of love.Love is everywhere.Love has it’s own power also.Love is very much powerful indeed.Read this wonderful poem about “Power of Love”.

Long long ago…

oh! don’t take it to far.

it’s about 90’s only,

you know, just want to start a story…

it was a day,

I could never forget.

when I met him the first time,

may me… in month of may.

those beautiful eyes,

in which I was lost.

I thought I found my soulmate,

from all the guys above all.

His each and every action,

made me fall for him even harder.

that concern of his towards me

was the only thing I wanted to see.

talking to him was magic,

his company was true heaven.

he was the man,

that every girl could wish of.

But, no one is perfect,

so he is.

how could such a lovely person,

can fall into the trap of depression.

my love towards him

is as pure as heaven.

I will become his support,

coz in those days I haven’t

I know, love is not a magic,

it can not cure anyone.

but love has one power,

the power of support to stand beside anyone.

I hope you liked the poem. let know in the comment section below what do you think about it.


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