Hair Care routine ( updated)

Hair is the most important part of our body and our personality.And we love experimenting with them because we want to.But we forget that like our body our hair also goes to wear and tear and sometimes leads to damage.Many people have hair problems of dandruff, hair fall, hair thinning, hair damage, split ends and much more.

So we have to incorporate some time for our hair care in busy schedules.I was in school and because of which, I was not able to take care of my hair properly. But soon I was able to take care of my hair with the simple hair care routine.It won’t take much of your time and is perfectly suitable for those who have busy schedules.

I have shared my hair care routine previously also, you can check it out here.

so let’s get started…


The products I use are:-

  • Himalaya anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • Himalaya damage repair conditioner.
  • D-Free
  • Livon hair serum
  • white vinegar.


  1. Apply D-free a night before the day you have to shampoo.It’s an overnight lotion which helps to remove Dandruff. I have dandruff that is why I use it. You can use any oil or hair mask and massage it on your scalp for 15 mins. D-free has an anti- recurrence formula.It stays overnight and works on dandruff causing organisms to treat the problem.D-free is gentle on the scalp and leaves hair healthy and soft.( it all was written on the booklet given within the box.) I have used one bottle of D -free and bought another one yesterday.From the first use, my scalp was not felt irritated anymore.Apply this lotion on your scalp only not on your hair ends as it makes them sticky.It can be applied easily with its nozzle.You just have to twist the nozzle and you will get the product. It is not expensive also, I bought the 100ml bottle for 200 Indian rupees(3-4$ approx). It is available on amazon, nykka etc..


Image result for d free


  1. Next morning wash your hair with mild shampoo.I use Himalaya Anti-dandruff shampoo (because of dandruff only). Its key ingredients are tea tree oil and aloe vera.It gently removes dandruff and nourishes and strengthens hair roots, ensuring a healthy scalp. Natural ingredients help moisturise the hair, preventing dryness.People who have coloured hair or artificially permed hair can also use it. It is gentle on scalp and does not strips and scalp oil.It is also suitable for all hair types.It is available in various sizes also.Also, it will not make a hole in your pocket.


Image result for himalaya anti dandruff shampoo contents
Himalaya Anti-dandruff shampoo.



3.After shampooing your hair comes the turn of vinegar hair rinse. All you have to do is after shampooing your hair and washing it add 1 teaspoon of vinegar in a full mug filled with water and rinse your hair with this vinegar water.Vinegar adds shine in the hair.(i am not sure that it will reduce dandruff or not.) I use this vinegar as shown in the picture below.Make sure you use white vinegar only.


Image result for vinegar tops
white Vinegar

4.After vinegar hair rinse apply conditioner as you usually does.I use Himalaya Damage repair conditioner because I have dry and damaged ends.It provides intensive conditioning for dry, frizzy or damaged hair. Enriched with the extracts of protein-rich herbs, it provides necessary nourishment to the hair, leaving it silky, smooth and healthy. This conditioner gently repairs, strengthens and protects your hair from future damage.After using this conditioner my hair felt really really soft.


damage repair protein conditioner
Damage Repair conditioner

5.Again after conditioning your hair and washing it.Wash your hair with vinegar water rinse.To add Extra shine.

6.after completing the above-mentioned process now we come to hair serum.I use the Livon hair serum.It claims to give super smooth, ultra glossy salon finish hair. Apply a little amount of hair serum on damp hair as serum will lock the moisture in hair and will give a shiny finish without weighing down your hair.It also acts a  protective shield between your hair and the environment. It will tame the frizzy hair and tame flyaways and also protects from heat.

Recently  I have noticed that there is a reduction in my dandruff and hair fall.But I m not sure which of the products I have mentioned above has its effect.It can D free or shampoo or vinegar also.Maybe this hair care routine not work for some and can work for some.Let me know in the comment section below if you have seen any positive change  in your hair due to this routine.




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