Isn’t it difficult to leave school on the last day??

when we first entered in our school we all cried that we do not want to go school.The crying scenario is same but with different reason on our last of school.We all cry because we don’t want to leave the school.And it becomes really difficult for those who have spent 10-15yrs in the same school.

Yes! I am talking about farewell when we and our school say goodbye to each other.A day we will never forget.A day when we saw our friends, teachers and juniors under one roof for the last day.

I attended my farewell last Friday dated 28 April 2017.What a wonderful day it was.r=there were awesome dance performances and food also.Everyone was looking stunning in their respective dress codes.

I didn’t get a chance to say something about the school but I want to say it now…

Although i have spent only four years in this school, but I had  wonderful journey here.Thank you school faculty and management to have such a great subjects in 11 and 12 standards.All the teachers who had taught me any subject has a special space in my heart.The teachers are wonderful and I love them all.They all were there for me, whenever I needed them.Thank you for supporting, helping and appreciating me.

This school has given me great friends.Although, i am very shy to have many friends but those i have are purely gold.some of us are planning to go in same college.

This school has taught me many things.Whether Good and bad i had my courage intactjust because of my friends.

Thank you so so so so much guys!!


here is the picture of my outfit which I wore in my farewell.Let me know in the comment section below what do you feel about it…

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