Real Beauty

real beauty final1

Like most of the other girls or say ladies I also wanted that flawless makeup on my face.Those unrealistic body images I always saw on the internet especially Instagram. I also wanted that hour-glass body shape, big booty that long and voluminous tresses of Instagram beauties etc.

All these things made a great impact on my mind. At some point of  time, I started to hate myself, I hated my body, heavy thighs, cellulite lines, I hated everything. But my main focus was on the face – makeup.I always saw that incredible makeup transformation on youtube and Instagram videos.I even wanted to do makeup for my school also.As usual, my mum didn’t agree to buy me makeup and I felt sad, disappointed and somewhat broken.

one day I read a facebook post about a girl and her psychological disorder of anorexia nervosa.I was a psychology student so I knew very well about the disorder. After I read that pot, my perception of beauty and being beauty was completely changed.And soon I realised that the beauty industry thrives only on our insecurities about our body or body image.

after that, the idea of applying tonnes of makeup on the face just for few hours started annoying me. Although I never liked the idea of applying foundation on my skin but I used to apply for some occasions.As days passed by a big event was approaching. The event was my farewell ie my last of the school.

It was a big event for me so I decided to get ready from a beauty salon. When she( the makeup artist) started applying base foundation on my skin I thought ‘how many layers of the foundation will sh apply on my face’ I have oily skin and it was summer time, so it was sure that my makeup will melt in sunlight.

After she completed my makeup I looked very beautiful but somewhere in my mind, I thought this is not real me.I was not able to relate myself. Although I looked beautiful, there were some limitations also. Whenever I touched my face, I always got foundation on my hand.Even when I made a phone call, my phone was also covered in foundation.

That day I only thought about getting home early and remove my makeup ASAP!!.When I reached home, I removed my makeup and it took me 4 make up wipes to remove it.After removing makeup I felt free.that event made me realised that how pretty and beautiful my skin is. I am not saying that I am opposed to makeup but I want all of you to realise how beautiful you are without makeup.let your skin be free of makeup.




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