happy and Successful life..

In our life, we sometimes feel disappointed, Lost even defeated.We make ourselves unworthy for something we deserve.Why?

Why we do it?

It’s maybe we think that ‘ i didn’t do that much hard work which the other person has done for the same thing or post.we doubt our self about even those deserve all those things we have or not?

And my answer is Yes. yes!! you deserve all those things you have.But make sure that you earned them with your hard work and from other’s hard work.those things should come through a legal way of earning.lol! I think, I sound stupid here.

A lot of people out there in the world has a good amount of power of manipulation.Those people manipulate you and will make you think that you are unworthy and don’t deserve that promotion or success.These manipulators first will become your friends and then gradually they will make you feel unworthy.They will play with your self-esteem and self-efficacy.They will brainwash you and will drain all your positive energy and enthusiasm about new things.

To live a happy and successful life you have to identify between your good-wishers and those manipulators.

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