Effect of your behaviour

does it ever happen to you that the words you have said and the way you spoke hurt the listener’s or other person’s sentiments deeply or badly?

It is a thing that has happened to each and every one in their life.It has happened to me several times.( if this neve happened to you ?…. wait a second how did you do that?? I want to know)

I am a very patient person but sometimes I become super hyper about why it is not happening. I get frustrated and then angry.And it is sometimes anger and frustration which leads to use of harsh words nd abusive language toward other people.It happens mostly with our close friends and family members.

And then there are those people who envy or dislike or hate each other nad behave badly.Or sometimes just to make fun of other people.then there are people who abuse their friends. It is their ways to show how much they love them.( it also includes me )

so now I have distinguished between different types of situation or say, people.so we can talk about them separately.

so basically there are two situations:-

  1.  Either we use harsh words by mistake or in anger,
  2. and when we use harsh words deliberately to hurt that person or make fun of them.

let’s get to the first one when we use harsh and abusive words by mistake or in anger and frustration.Sometimes we get annoyed by a person and in frustration or annoyance, we use harsh and abusive words. ( although it can be valid when a stranger is trying to flirt with you.If you then use your witty tongue, I will be proud of you) We can avoid this mistake by distancing ourself with that annoying person or just by keeping our cool.We can keep our cool  when we can not distance ourself with that person ( for e.g. in a busy bus or train. then you have to keep your cool until your stop or station arrives.)

As we all know once a sentence is spoken it can not be taken back. I am referring to the situation when you have used your witty tongue in annoyance, frustration or anger. and the other person is already hurt. After your anger cools down you will realise that you have done a mistake and you should not have spoken with hm/her like that.The only way to correct your mistake is by apologising. A simple can do wonders sometimes, just say it or give them a sorry card or give them a small sorry note.It will free you from your guilt.

And if someone uses harsh words against you then you don’t have to overreact.It will further deteriorate the situation or your relation with that person.Listen patiently and try to understand their situation. the person may be angry or frustrated or annoyed. Listen to them and help them to cool down.let them let out their anger and frustration.

that sums up the first situation.

you should always avoid using harsh and abusive words with other deliberately. because remember,

karma is a bitch

and it will get you in another way round.it is good for you t and to that person also.If you desperately want to say those words then write it down on a piece of paper and bury or burn it.it will help you greatly. Remember to keep your cool and never overreact.If you are in your workplace and you want to make fun of a new employee or age old peon just stop there only.because what you say and do will define who you are. It will hamper your reputation and you can also miss your much-deserved promotion just because of your bad behaviour.

just get into their shoes and think about the impact your words can have on other people mind and heart.encourage them not discourage them.Only a few people know that writing your thoughts down on a paper can help them to unburden their emotional burden.I f you have spoken harsh and abusive language to a particular person, then think about the possible damage you have done.that behaviour can damage your reputation, character, personality and most importantly that it will have a great impact on other person’s mind heart.it will stop you to behave inappropriately in near future.

if someone is deliberately behaving inappropriately with you then ignore them. Don’t show that they have an effect on you. when they will see you are not reacting and getting affected wth their words or behaviour they will eventually stop. And here all the victory is yours. You just don’t have to overreact and have to keep your cool and voila !! you have won the battle.

i hope this post will help you in your life. for more such post don’t forget to subcribe.



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