connect with Us

A new month has started and it has given us another 30 days to improve ourselves.So did I.

let’s welcome JUNE~


I want to begin this new month with some good new!!. Before in my blog post “ Social presence” I  talked about the importance of social presence for everyone.I also mentioned some social networking platforms where you can join or connect with Creator’s point. And today I am vert happy to announce that now you can connect with creator’s point on Pinterest and Google +.

so? what are you waiting for?

Are you not going to join creator’s point on these social platforms??

click on the links below and connect with creator’s point:-

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. twitter
  4. Google +
  5. pinterest
  6. campus society
  7. bloglovin

or you can click on the icons on left hand side sidebar.

Previous works

1.DIY Fidget Spinner

2.Same and yet different

3.last day


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