DIY Fidget Spinner

Yes!! you heard the heading right. ” DIY Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are quite in rage now and can be easily bought online.But it also comes with some health hazards.These spinners have detachable disks which can be easily swallowed by a child of 3 yr or son.

so then what should we do?

if there is a question then there is an answer also.

so the answer is DIY fidget spinner.

yesterday I was checking my Pinterest where I saw a pin of red ted art of DIY origami fidget spinner. and guess what I give it a try and it actually works. I was amazed.

so here it is…

I have saved this pin in my origami board. As I have said earlier I gave it a try so my fidget spinner looks like this…

You can make your own Fidget spinner in lots of design and colour combinations . Give it a try and tell me in the comments section below that you like it or not.

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