He Drove Away

In the middle of the road,

I was standing still.

my eyes were closed,

My hands by my side forming fists.


the road was empty,1

it was late at night.

my eyes started crying,

and I collapsed on the road.


I thought, for a while,

my heart stopped beating.

yet, it was still there,

beating and pumping blood * so fast*


a shiver ran down,

through my spine.

when I realised,

it was all over.


5years of relationship,

broken in 5 minutes.

and he didn’t listen,

what I explained.


and soon in front of my eyes,

he drove away.

faraway in a major city,

and I slept only while crying.

so, I am currently working on a challenge called ” two months of hair care”. after completion of the challenge I will tell you my experience.subscribe to not to miss a chance.


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