what is a relationship?

Have you ever wondered what a relationship is?what does that word actually mean?( no not dictionary one). What are the requirements of a relationship?what we expect in a relationship? what we should expect from a relationship?

These questions are endless and their answers are subjective in nature.there is no one definition. Everybody’s definition of love nd relationship is different because we speak different languages of love. And in this post, I am going to talk about my definition/language of love or relationship.Maybe at some points, you will disagree or agree with me. and that’s okay because everyone’s perception of love and relationship is different.

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what is a relationship?

for me, a relationship is a bond between two people who are attracted to each other for a reason and want to spend their time together.  we can also be in love. This bond between two people is emotional and it can be physical too.A spouse fulfils each other’s emotional needs and helps them to grow.

Like me, if you are also in a relationship you may have face problems with each other and you will face it in future also.In my opinion, there should be some little sweet fights between a couple.these fights are a sign that they are in love with each other or they are interested in each other.( coz maybe you like him/her but you are not in love yet)

In a relationship, you can find out whether or not you can spend your life with that person whom you are dating.If you don’t think so then you should move on and find the other person. A  relationship is a commitment for which you both have to take responsibility. let your partner know how much you love them9 it can be a tricky part but believe me, you will solve this problem together).what you can do for them. A simple act o saying/texting ” good morning or ” good night” is a sign that you care.your partner should be your first priority ( not before family). never let them down.Guide them the right part if they are on the wrong one.save them whenever they are in danger.assure them that you will be there when they need you the most.a relationship is all about, mutual understanding, growth, intimacy and love.( by intimacy I don’t only mean sex but intimacy includes many other things, like touching, holding hands etc.)These little actions of yours will indicate that how much you love them.

  • Mutual Understanding: there should be a mutual understanding about each other’s profession, family traditions and needs. you both should be aware of each other’s need and how to fulfil them.
  • Patience: If s/he is angry and taking it out on you then like a wise person you should listen to them patiently. try to figure out why they are angry and calm them out. if you both will get angry it may lead to fighting which can also lead to a breakup.
  • Growth: in a relationship people grow and become the best they can be. if there is no growth in a relationship then it’s not worth your time.
  • support: you should always support them in their every right decision. if they are taking a  wrong one then guide them to take a right one.your partner will expect you to support them.even when everyone is not supporting them you have to be on their side stand beside them for support.

a relationship will only flourish when you both of you want it to work.otherwise its just a waste of time. sometimes there will be miscommunications because of we have different ways or language in which we express our love and feeling to other.

let’s take me as an example: – I am very bad at expressing my feelings orally but I can write it and send a text. If I make something for you, say a card or handmade gift then it means that you mean a lot to me. and each and every word written on a card will tell you,  your importance in my life.

some will spend the fortune of money just to make you happy. because it is their way to show how much they love you. to conclude I want to say that talk with your partner about your and their language of love and figure out a mutual way to keep it going.

let me know in the comment section below on which point you agree and disagree with me.


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