Just because I am different


I shut my house door,

Because I don’t want to listen more.

Those people I meet every day,

were not good for me, I found out on this fine day.

Just because I am different,

They differentiate me from them,

Just because I don’t like what they like,

They are ready to kill me in pride.


No human being is same,

I was taught this in 5th grade.

But still, people want me

To follow them in their herd.


To follow the religion,

they worship for.

So much inequality,

why? Just because I am not from your religion.


there are so many races,

so religions still we don’t have the choice.

The choice to choose the religion,

the choice to follow it.


Just because I am different,

I think differently.

It doesn’t mean,

I should be treated differently.


We are living, living in the democracy

the choice is our’s, isn’t it?

But why this discrimination,

due to which I don’t want to live in this nation.

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