Like a Parasite

Still standing alone,

In the bar full of people.

There was a time,

When I had big friend circle.

But soon all the things changed,

Everything got complicated.

I didn’t had any idea at first,

But now I can combine and comprehend (the meaning).
Step by step ,day after day,

Everything got ruined.

When everything became a mess,

I didn’t had any idea.
But I realized, something was wrong,

Something was not just right.

But this realization struck me too late,

And I lose everyone I had (ever).
To whom should I blame?

May be the blame is on me.

I needed close Friend(s),

But I was not to anyone.
And now this loneliness,

This damn Aloneness.

Is eating me from inside,

Like a parasite , now I am dead from inside

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