Hello July!!


so another new month has started, “July”.Like the previous month this month has also given us an opportunity to grow ourselves, improve ourselves and learn from our previous month’s mistakes.

Don't Give Up (1).png

We all make mistakes, don’t we? after all we are human beings if we will not make mistakes then who will? At the starting of this month i want to tell you something.i.e. ” Don’t give up!”on any thing. If you have dreams convert them into reality. It is only possible when you have self confidence and you don’t give up.

i believe that when we give up easily on a task on our dream then it will never can get completed and dreams will remain dreams only. Isn’t it funny that we  want to pursue our dreams but we gave up easily on them just because of small loses or some hurdles or obstacles. most people who are living successful life now had struggled in their life to become this successful.They also had faced rejections, taunts, abuse and everything. But the difference between them and as are that we gave up easily but they don’t They had full faith in their idea and they did every thing to achieve it without giving up. when they face set backs in their life they didn’t gave up. They worked hard and smart to achieve their goals.

I Have seen many times that whenever we want to start something new there will be some people or society which will be against to your idea. They will opt each and every possible way to stop you from achieving your goals because they envy you because in past they were not able to achieve their dream goals.But if you don’t listen to them, if you don’t give up , if you have full faith in your idea and nobody can stop you from achieving your dream goals in your life.


where there is a will,

there is a way.

so on the first day of the new month let’s decide to not to give up on anything whether it is a relationship, your dream job or anything , just don’t give up. Do your best don’t work hard  when you can work smart.

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