Those missed calls

It is a real incident which happened on July 1 ,2017 with me.

It was a usual day, when I woke up that day , I looked for my mobile to check some updates. But I saw an ‘ unknown person ‘ calling me on Facebook messenger. I really didn’t knew him, he was a complete stranger for me.

I hurriedly cancelled his phone call but he called me again , almost 5-6 times. When I didn’t answered his phone calls he started to send me texts which says:-

” plz talk to me ”

“plz become my friend”

“plz accept my frnd req”

Those texts really pissed me off and more than that it made me feel afraid.These things happened so suddenly that I became numb for some seconds. after recovering from numbness I immediately blocked him on Facebook.

I felt insecure and unsafe even in my own house and bedroom. How strange it is. A stalker or a desperate man can make you feel unsafe in your own house.

later , This incidence made me realized that how unsafe we can be even in our own room. what a stalker can do to you. and why we have trust issues. these are some problems which is mainly faced by females in this world.(males face it too) and no matter how many laws are there for women safety, but there is no use of them when there  is no proper implementation.

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