Laying in the bed,

Listening to the voice of air.

I closed my eyes for hope,

Which has now fallen down from slope.

I asked my heart,

What is keeping me awake?

what is missing in life?

can I bring it back??


then I realized, I missed my mom’s voice,

I missed her hands caressing me.

I missed her bedtime stories.

I missed my mom.


In the daily hassles of my life,

I didn’t gave her attention.

I didn’t spent much of my time (with her)

Since I have became mature (enough).


I always wanted to tell her,

How much I love her.

But the chance didn’t arrived soon,

And i losed her like a shooting star.


I’m sorry maa,

sorry for bothering you.

sorry for not giving (you) attention

sorry for each and everything.





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