Seriously Taken

Waiting in a queue,

He tightened his grip.

Now the file in his hand,

Felt a littler suffocated.

The interview, His first one,

He was excited and yet nervous.

but other applicants lowerd his self esteem,

& he was stricken by inferior complex.


p style=”text-align:center;”>

So much of pressure,

so much ecpectations.

Has aafected him a lot,

“Plz give me this job”, he prayed to God.


p style=”text-align:center;”>

but not many knew,

how talented he was.

how his legs worked perfectly

with the beats in rhythm.


p style=”text-align:center;”>

But still unknown,

still mistaken.

His dance talent,

was never seriously taken.


p style=”text-align:center;”>


  1. I’m sorry Maa
  2. Like a Parasite
  3. True Love

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