Inner Speech


Hiding under the table,

in a very dark room.

she cried to the fullest,

(she) is my inner speech.

trying to escape that room,

but fails miserbaly in every try.

“why so?” she asks me everytime,

but i didn’t listened, what a plight of mine.


i know what she wants,

i know that she is correct.

but haven’t you heard that??

” some things are better left unsaid”.


she wants to speak and shout,

yelling the truth each time.

but she don’t know what it will bring,

everything can be destroyed in a blink.


but till when she will only cry,

atleast I should give her a try.

sooner or later the truth will come out,

shattering everyone in a thud sound.


now she flows freely,

she escapes from pen.

ready to be written on paper,

and some how I gave her freedom.


Now without regret, everything calms down,

magic of paper and pen, words in bound.

happy she is, so am I,

never let your inner speech die.

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