Daily Prompt Relocate Something was not right He felt about ignored . He never looked twice, For him everything is sweet and nice. He was sure of his moves, And places where things were kept. He organises everything, His house is very neat and clean. But one day the sun rised from west, When he…

Carrying a long way

A poem is written with love and passion. A poet writes what s/he feels from within, so do I.

Never live a lie

living 2 different kinds of life will always make your position worse. stop living the 2 and concentrate on 1.

Book Fair

A truly amazing for all thr book worms

Inner Speech

There are many things which we know and we know the outcome as well. but never got a solution for that.

Keep it Real!

There are 7 billion people in this world with 14 billion faces and in these faces it’s really difficult to find the real one.

First Day

Some wise words which I have heard from a good public speaker…