When there is rain look for rainbow, and where there is dark look for stars.


I am currently living on this mantra.It inspires ne to look only positive things in the darkest of darkest situations.
So, Hey! my name is shreya gupta. I am an introvert and don’t socialize much.But starting a blog was my new curiosity.Now it is my passion.
Now let’s talk about my blog.I named my blog “Creator’s point” because it is something I can relate to.The blog name somewhat describes who I am.I create things, whether it is a card or a gift or a poem. I somehow just happen to create things.This blog covers a broader aspect of creativity.

What I usually talk about on my blog is motivation and inspiration.The poems  I write is something which I feel from within myself.

The decision of starting this blog was to share my opinion to rest of the world.Where I can get recognization of my work and talent.

My blog also include fashion and lifestyle related things.I work smart and dedicate my time in writing good blog post to inspire the people living in the world.

~thank you