Book Fair

Book Fair

Pragati maidan is known for its exclusive fairs in India. And this time I attended Book Fair there.
My experience was truly amazing. There were lots of stalls of books, stationery and children’s toys.

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First Day

Wondering about the post title??

It was my ” First Day”  of college!! Yes, my first day of college!

I was very excited and yet nervous because you know, new place, new faces and no similar ones( but me and my friend took admission in the same college).

On the very first day we all were counselled by Mr. Puneet Jindal , a public speaker and COO of the institute. That counselling session was amazing and I don’t have words to describe it, coz it was so good. I learned so many new things from him. Some of which I want to share with you all( coz I don’t remember each and everything)

First he talked about inner and outer world. He said what’s happening in the outside world is differently perceivedby every individual’s inner world (our mind).If we want change in the outside world then first we have to change our inner world(mind). Because what we think is what we attract. If we will think negative then we will attract negative things and vica versa.

Second he said that we are responsible of our own successes and failures. We can’t blame anyone for our failure because we are responsible, we can change our plans and strategies but we can not change the other person or situations which are not in our control. 

There were so many things he talked about and these two are just 10 -20 % of it. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know views in the comment section below.
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Bilingual poetry book published by a Syrian American Doctor

Bilingual poetry book published by a Syrian American Doctor

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A Syrian American doctor from Washington State, Dr. Majd Isreb, announces the release of his much-anticipated e-book, Fayha Manuscripts, Poems From Syria with Love. The beautiful poetry book is a bilingual portrayal of life’s contradictions in love of a country, family and one another. It depicts the struggles of a Syrian American who is witnessing the total destruction of his homeland and being unable to change the course.

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8-year-old cancer patient re-creates dazzling met gala look of Cara Delevingne

8-year-old cancer patient re-creates dazzling met gala look of Cara Delevingne


originally posted on- Today

Brooklyn Hutchinson, who is battling a rare kidney cancer, recently re-created  Delevingne’s look at the Met Gala in which the actress and model dazzled onlookers with a silver bald head complete with glitter and sparkles. Earlier this year, Delevingne shaved her head to play a cancer patient in the upcoming movie “Life In A Year.”

“If you can’t have hair, have glitter and diamonds,” said a caption next to a photo of Hutchinson on the Instagram account, Brooklyn Is Our Hero, run her best friend, Holly Leighton.

The idea of the makeover began when family and friends were planning a charity event for Hutchinson at a small pub in Horden, England on June 5. Professional makeup artist Fiona Coombes got in touch and offered to do Brooklyn’s makeup.

“Brooklyn absolutely loves makeup,” Leighton, 18, told TODAY. “She knows all the tricks. She puts makeup on her teddies, myself, her mum, nurses. She loves it. So when I told her she was going to a professional makeup artist she was so excited.”

Hutchinson told Coombes she loved glitter. With that, Coombes was inspired by Delevingne’s Met Gala look and set out to re-create it.

“I loved it and didn’t want to take it off,” Hutchinson told TODAY Style of her makeover.

Delevingne also caught wind of the little girl’s look and took to Instagram to post photos of Hutchinson with the caption, “Brooklyn MY HERO!”

Brooklyn MY HERO! #brooklynourhero #whoneedshair @brooklynisourhero

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According to her family, Hutchinson was diagnosed in August 2016 with a Wilms tumour in her right lung. Before that, she was diagnosed with a Wilms tumour in her kidney and has consequently undergone several rounds of chemotherapy.

Despite the struggle, her mum, Joanne Hutchinson, told TODAY that her daughter has a fighting spirit. “The last two years has been a hard battle for her and all her family. (But) Brooklyn’s personality is very positive. She basically gets on with whatever is thrown at her with her gorgeous smile,” she said.