Those missed calls

Those missed calls

It is a real incident which happened on July 1 ,2017 with me.

It was a usual day, when I woke up that day , I looked for my mobile to check some updates. But I saw an ‘ unknown person ‘ calling me on Facebook messenger. I really didn’t knew him, he was a complete stranger for me.

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Unspoken feelings

I usually don’t have enough courage to express my feelings, or may be I don’t know how to express them.It is the major drawback I have till now.What should I do?I don’t know.Although I have chosen words to express my inner distress but, sometimes words are not enough.Because sometimes that conversation has to be face to face, not through messages or phone calls.
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Being an Introvert I really find it difficult to make new friends.This ha resulted in me having a very small friend circle.But they are the best.They understand me,supports me and always stands beside me in difficult situations.

Like me, they are also introvert and that’s the best thing about them.When we meet, we enjoy very much.We talk about everything we can.Be it good style or bad taste of someone to dirty Talks.I am blessed to have them in my life.

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I was very confused about what career I should pursue after High school.In high school I chose Arts as my stream. I that stream I studied, English,Economics,Home science,Political Science,Psychology and Fashion Studies.

Each subject was equally Important.But the only thing which confused me is what I want to become in my life.When i was child i want to become a singer then a dancer or an artist.

In my teen years i thought of becoming an psychologist,A politician or a fashion designer.I am creative this is what everyone said to me.So i decided to become a fashion designer.I did research every day about a career as a designer.But i didn’t liked it ,I don’t know why,but i didn’t.

One day i shoot video of my father’s friend’s wedding.

when video was watched my video every one appreciated it.Every one said it looked like a professional has shoot the video.

then I realized that’s it, my life is solved. And now i Have decided to become a fashion photographer in which i am good.

I am just 18 years old and i want to become a successful person.In the race of getting good grades in high school I totally forgot about living those small moments which brings much happiness than the achievements i have.

And now i have realized but i cannot enjoy them due to pressure from parents, from teachers and most from the society.Every individual in society wants girls to behave in a certain way, According to society norms. But what are these norms. It’s definition says Norms are the unwritten rules of the society which made by the society.

Today , I want to pursue an unconventional career of fashion photography. although my parents have agreed but I always think about what people of society will about me , my career, my needs and mostly on my clothes.

But now I don’t give a damn what other people think about me . If you start getting bothered about the thoughts of the society people you will never successful in life.

In the end I want to say “Be Bold Be You.


Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

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Don’t you ever think of being completely alone in tree house.Just close to the mother Earth and without  technology.I always wish that this could ever happen. But life seems unfair. I really don’t want dozen of friends but I really need that one to whom I can Share my deepest feelings.I have friends but to none i can share those feelings.I actually crave for only that friend. There are some thoughts, some feelings which i want to share but eventually can’t. I even don’t know why i am making this post. May be just to share those random thoughts which always pop in my mind.I am going to name these series as ” In my world.Do tell me in comments what you think about it.These post will give you an insight of my mind or you can say mental processes. WordPress has provided me a platform where I can create blog posts freely.For me writing and creating something new helps me express my thoughts and feelings.

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