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Old hands kept that bond, while young hands thrown  it away. It was just a matter of priorities, which was won by fame.    

Ice cream sundae

she likes chocolates, he likes vanilla. seeing them fight the chocolate vanilla sundae smiled

Sweet Love Story

loving was her personality, cruel was his style. the one thing they didn’t knew that they complete each other’s life


she was a nerd in school, for many she was not cool. and then he came to school, to taught everyone that they are a big fool


He was a star, she was a survivor. when they both met , a spark was ignited out of no where.


” making money is easy” he said. But all did he knew that, his money costed love for his life.

Bringing him back 

Chapter one  Late again. She was running in her heels on the street trying to catch the bus. She missed  it. She has been late for 3 days  in a row. She never understood why she gets late for her work.  She is known as sleepy head in her office because she slept in the…

Last day last chance

​This story is about a shy or introvert girl “tanya”  She want to tell her feelings to the guy he like “gaurav”. Its the last day of her school the last chance she have . Unaware about he also feels same about her . Will they both succeed ? What problems will they face ?…