Thank you Education

being born in a patriarchal society sometimes become a curse for girl child.

Seriously Taken

In this fast pace life we always think to do what other are doing and the pressure of society plays a major role in people forgetting their real talent.

I’m sorry Maa

In daily hassles of our life, we forget to thank our mothers for doing everything for us.This poem is an apology for evry mother in the world.

Hello July!!

Another month comes with another opportunity.

True Love

Maybe heartbreak was important, Before getting your true love.

Dare To Commit

and what we have to do,just to survive in this cruel world.

Just because I am different

Just because I am diferent, they differentiate me from them.Just because I don’t like what they like,
they are ready to kill me in pride.

Let It GO…

But I built myself Because I ” let it go”